Opera & Music Theater

Phoolan Devi: The Bandit Queen (2010) a multimedia chamber opera for two sopranos, baritone, chamber ensemble
Chitra (2000) opera/dance drama for soprano, Balinese dancer/actor/puppeteer, Indian Classical dancer and chamber orchestra. On texts by Rabindranath Tagore
Rasa (1991, revised 1998) chamber opera for soprano, choir, ten actors/dancers, chamber ensemble, and electronic tape
Inspired by Bharati Mukherjee’s novel Jasmine. On texts by Kabir and Rabindranath Tagore
Conquistadors (1996) chamber opera for five soloists, eight actors, six dancers, and chamber ensemble. On texts by Pablo Neruda
The Separate Prison (1995) jazz opera for eight soloists/actors and jazz ensemble. On texts by Dare Duke
Bhima’s Journey (1993) music/theatre work for four soloists, twelve actors/dancers, and chamber ensemble. Adapted from the Hindu epic the Mahabharata



Orchestral Works

Nesting Cranes (2004) for flute and string orchestra
Cranes Dancing (2006) for violin and string orchestra
Svara-Yantra (2006) Violin Concerto in three movements
Nada Ananda (2009) Guitar and Chamber Orchestr



Vocal Works

KA (2012) for soprano and chamber ensemble
Anusvara (Sixth Prism)
(2012) for soprano, violin and guitar
Anusvara (Fifth Prism)
(2012) for soprano and cello
Songs of Ecstasy (2008) for soprano, tabla, and chamber ensemble
The Drowned Woman of the Sky (1997) for soprano, three cellos, and two percussion. On texts by Pablo Neruda
Jazz Songs (1995) for jazz vocalist and chamber ensemble
On texts by Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and Langston Hughes
When the Creation (1993) for soprano, Balinese vocalist, oboe, two pianos,and percussion. On texts by Rabindranath Tagore
Kabir Songs (1992) for soprano, chamber ensemble, and tape
On texts by Kabir



Chamber Works

Lalit (2012) for cello and tabla
Anusvara (Fourth Prism)
(2011) for cello and string orchestra
(2009) for flute and tabla
Dream Sutra (2009) for violin and string quartet
Lalit (2007) for Bansri (Indian flute), harp, and vibraphone
Nesting Cranes (2004) for flute and string quartet
Blue Topeng (2003) for two Balinese gamelan soloists and chamber ensemble
Spiral Constellations (1991) for disklavier, percussion, and interactive computer system
Chamber Symphony (1989) for chamber orchestra
Chamber Piece for Six Soloists (1986) for chamber ensemble
Double Quartet (1982) for flute, violin, cello, piano, and computer-generated tape
Chamber Concerto (1980) for ten players
Tape Studies I-IV (1975-1980)
Constellations (1974) for saxophone quartet
Sonata (1968) for violin and piano



Solo Works

Joy (2012) for viola and percussion
Anusvara (Second Prism)
(2008) for solo cello
Anusvara (2007) for C flute or alto flute
Anusvara (2007) for amplified bass flute, doubling alto flute and tamboura
Anusvara (2006) for soprano saxaphone solo
Light (1991) for soprano solo
Tenderness of Cranes (1990) for solo flute
Time Grids (1989) for amplified guitar and computer-generated tape
Goldbach’s Conjecture (1985) for flute and computer-generated tape
Goldbach’s Conjecture (1984) for flute solo
Spectra (1973) for trombone and synthesized tape